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Our secondary glazing units can be fixed through the face of the frame onto the existing window frame, using either our equal leg or odd leg profile, or fixed through the side of the frame into the reveal, using the equal leg frame only. Where the existing windows are out of square or shaped a wooden sub-frame can be used.

All systems can incorporate different glass options for increased thermal insulation, sound proofing as well as security.

All of our frames are available in white, brown or any RAL colour.

Fixed secondary units
Fixed Secondary Glazing panels are as the name suggests a ‘fixed’ single panel which is not removable. These panels should not be used where access to a window is required.
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Hinged secondary glazing
Hinged Secondary Glazing units allow full and easy access to the existing window. Hinged units are available as single hinged units, where a single pane is hinged either on the side or the top of the frame, or double hinged units, generally suited to large windows or doors, where there are two panes which hinge on opposing sides. Hinged secondary glazing units use nylon hinges which can be side hung or top hung and a ‘stay’ can be fitted in order to hold the secondary unit in an open position. Turn buckles are fitted as standard to hold the hinged unit closed.
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Shaped secondary glazing
Secondary glazing units can be manufactured to suit windows that are curved or shaped, giving an affordable solution for period properties where often shaped windows can pose a problem.
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Hinged in frame secondary glazing
Hinged in Frame Secondary Glazing units are similar to the standard Hinged units, allowing full and easy access to the existing window, but they come within their own frame and are much more robust. All Hinged in Frame units are fitted with a handle as standard to hold the hinged unit closed.
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Lift out secondary glazing
Lift Out Secondary Glazing units are the best value for money where only limited access is required to the existing window, for example where a window only provides light into a room and doesn’t open. The glazed panel is lifted out of a fixed channel when access is needed to the existing window for cleaning or maintenance. It is advised, that the size of the pane to be lifted out be considered prior to ordering to ensure the weight and sizes are of manageable proportions.
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Horizontal sliding secondary glazing
Horizontal Sliding Secondary units are available with two or more sliding panels, and are the most frequently used style of secondary glazing. These units can be fitted with locks to enhance security of the existing window. Horizontal Sliding units can also be used for wardrobes, by replacing the glass with mirror, or even coloured glass to give a clean contemporary feel.
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Vertical sliding secondary glazing
Vertical Sliding Secondary units are ideal for traditional sash windows. There are 2 types of vertical sliding units available, non-balanced and balanced. Non-balanced sliders, also known as the ‘guillotine’, are the most cost effective vertical slider. These are not fitted with balances, therefore the operator must support the weight of the sash when sliding. The sliding panel can be latched open in several positions and removed for cleaning or maintenance. Balanced sliders are the most complex style of secondary glazing system.
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Vertical sliding tilt out secondary glazing
Vertical Sliding Secondary Tilt Out units are similar to our Vertical Sliding units, but with the added benefit that the sliding panes tilt inwards in order to allow ease of cleaning and increase ventilation. Vertical Sliding Tilt Out units are available as balanced sliders only.
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